Patrick Norton (Owner / Director):

Known to mo010820150220 DPst people in the area as Gidge, he has farmed timber, beef and dairy in Lidgetton his whole life. Recently he handed the reins of the farming over to his son Mike.

In June 2014, Gidge, and his daughter Julia and son-in-law Craig, purchased Dargle Poles and Treating from family friend and neighbour, John McKenzie.

One of the biggest challenges includes the sourcing and securing of of select, quality Grandis gum poles for treatment. To achieve this requires the continued support and good working relationships with the local timber growers, who are in turn provided with a good market for their timber.

A key area of focus is also to ensure customer satisfaction by providing products at competitive prices and acceptable lead times. Should you require any technical advice or product information, please do not hesitate to contact Gidge.

Craig Rees (Owner/Director):

Due to the commitments and demands of Craig’s existing sales and consulting company, his role in Dargle Poles is to help with the top line decisions on business strategy and investment, sales, and to support Gidge and Julia, where possible.

Julia Rees (Owner/Director):

Julia is responsible for the overall finances, as well as controlling the pole treating process. Strict standards and record keeping requirements of the SABS are complied with. Julia has science degree and previous corporate experience in project and systems management, and insists on implementing efficient and easy to use systems. Julia also manages the marketing and with photography and design as a hobby has enjoyed photographing the company, and creating the logo and marketing material. Have a look at the face book page ā€“ Dargle Poles – and take advantage of all the creative tips and D.I.Y. ideas, as well as latest info and special offers.

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Bradley Diedrick (Plant Manager):

2016.06.02 DPoles002Bradley, also known as Bilal, joined Dargle Poles at the end of 2015 and in a short time has transformed the yard and production facilities into a neat and well run operation. He comes from a farming background, having managed dairy farms for many years as well as his own family farm. His experience in managing people as well as mechanical proficiency has proved invaluable to Dargle Poles. Bradley is responsible for the production of poles, fulfilling orders, and managing the pole yard staff.



Lynette Govindusamy (Reception / Bookkeeping):

2016.06Lynette (known to us as Lynnie) has recently joined Dargle Poles. She is no stranger to the Dargle folk after having worked at another local company for many years. Lynnie is responsible for taking orders and managing customer accounts. Please give her a call!





Florian: (Quality and Treating Supervisor):

I have been with this Company since January 2006 and now enjoy working for Miss Julia and Mr Norton. I have been trained by Miss Julia to oversee the treating plant and do all the necessary paperwork to make sure only good quality poles are readily available. Please pop in ā€“ Iā€™d love to meet you and help you with your pole requirements!

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